Pentney Abbey Gatehouse was luxurious indeed.  It has its own garderobe (loo) on each floor, including this one which shows a seat still in position.  The garderobe opens directly onto the main, grand living quarters, so it is well aired by lancet windows on each side.  The less important rooms only had one garderobe window, but just having a toilet on each floor indicates the high status of the building.

 This photo shows the top of the parapet of the central bay, which contains the carriageway.  The stone has eroded badly, the odd patterning at the side of the copings is erosion and not carving.  Some of these will be repaired using lime mortar to return the profiles to their original shape, which will allow rainwater to run off rather than sitting in the holes and causing frost damage and further erosion.

Article written by: Ruth Brennan

Ruth Brennan has lived in Norfolk for most of her life, and has over 20 years experience of project management from start to finish. Click here to read more