New Clipsham Stone

The major repairs to Blofield church tower are almost complete, and the scaffolding has been removed from the enormous, 110 foot tower.  It has taken since March to repoint and repair the stonework, refix loose flints and remove hundreds of weeds.  Each weed was sprayed with weedkiller, then left to die before the roots were dug out and the holes pointed up.  It could be called extreme gardening!  The water table of one buttress was falling apart, so it was partially rebuilt with new stone (see above).  The new work is a good match for the old, and is hard to see from the ground.

Galleted Flint Facing

Draper and Nichols carried out the work, alongside Fairhaven Wood, the stonemasons and both did an excellent job.

Article written by: Ruth Brennan

Ruth Brennan has lived in Norfolk for most of her life, and has over 20 years experience of project management from start to finish. Click here to read more